I am a cop’s wife and our lifes matter

So I decided right this second that I needed to write about all that is going on with regards to the movement against our police officers. I am here to speak for the men and women who risk their lives for the rest of the communities they serve. I am a “cop” wife. I have heard this many time in the 10 years I have been with my husband. Many people have asked how I feel being a “cops” wife. My response is that I know nothing else. My husband and I have been married 7 years, been together since before he was in the academy, so for me I know no other life. Is it hard? Duh, yes. Is it sad? Definitely. Would I change a thing…..up until recently, the answer would have been no. But in the last year the times have changed. Now I have to worry more than ever if my husband is coming home every night. My husband is at war with the very people he has sworn to protect and serve. This is all because a group of powerful people have decided that the police are bad and corrupt and only want to hurt others. I can tell you right now that at least this cop’s wife can say, this is NOT TRUE! My cop husband wants to get rid of the scum that ruins neighborhoods. The drug dealers, the gun dealers, the wife beaters. That is who he is after. Not the regular family man who wants to raise his family the same way we want to raise ours. So please someone explain to me why I need to worry someone will shoot my husband just because he is a cop? And even worse, why dose my husband need to worry that his next action may land him on the news instead of the morgue. In 10 years on the job, we have had numerous, “close calls’ where his life could have been taken. And the damage from that is not something that can be fixed. I have watched my loving, caring, honorable man become as angry as the rest of this world. I have woken up in the dead of night, being grabbed by the arm because he is having a nightmare from the scuffle he was in the night before. And all I can say is,” it was a bad dream and not real.” But I am lying to myself and my husband, because the reality is that these bad dreams are becoming too real every single day. I began this post because I needed to rant to anyone who would listen. Now at the end I realize I need to speak for the blue families who only hope their loved one will come home at the end of their shift to their family. My hope is through this blog that I can lend support to the other blue families throughout the nation who in this era are struggling for support from their government and people who they are sworn to protect. I am a cop’s wife. And I believe all lives matter. Not black, Hispanic, or even blue lives are above ALL. I hope my stories will inspire not only other police families to gather strength in this time of hatred, but all families of all cultures and colors will see that most in the profession of police are here to help and that they are humans just trying to help other humans live their lives for a better tomorrow.


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